Meta asks users to submit nude pics — RT USA News

Facebook Inc.’s new name, Meta, has co-developed a platform that encourages people to submit their intimate photos and videos to prevent them from being used as « revenge porn » on Facebook or Instagram.

The tool is z « Adults over the age of 18 who believe that an intimate image of them may be or has already been shared without their consent, » Meta said in a blog post on Thursday.

Mayor charged with multiple releases of revenge porn

The new platform, which Meta has developed alongside the UK Revenge Porn Helpline and 50 other NGOs, aims to prevent the release of « revenge porn » rather than just removing the sensitive files after they have already appeared online.

Concerned users are asked to submit photos or videos of themselves nude or having sex to a hash-tagging database via the (Stop Non-Consensual Intimate Images) website.

The special hashtags “digital fingerprints”, are then matched to those materials by the tool and can be used to immediately detect and curb attempts by perpetrators to upload them online.

Meta said the system has been developed « with privacy and security at every step. » Only the hashtags are shared with and the tech platforms participating in the project, while the explicit images and clips never leave and remain on the user’s device « Securely in the possession of the owner », it assures.

The new tool represents « A sea change in how those affected by intimate image abuse can protect themselves. » Revenge Porn Helpline manager Sophie Mortimer insisted.

However, the question remains whether people will actually be willing to use it, considering Meta has a bad reputation for abusing user data.

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