YouPorn launches SWYP for consuming TikTok-style porn videos

YouPorn SWYP YouPorn YouPorn, the porn site you visit when your grandmother isn’t upset about living in her basement a good decade after high school with a GPA of 2.4, today launches SWYP, a TikTok-inspired platform for scrolling through porn videos with relative ease. This is a perfect solution for our short attention spans that […]

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Short video app – Gazprom launches Russian TikTok alternative Yappy

No replacement for TikTokInternet activist Stanislaw Schakirow does not believe that TikTok could really be blocked and replaced in Russia in the near future: The Chinese are known to cooperate with the Russian government, the technical director of the Russian non-governmental organization Roskomswoboda told the German press agency on Tuesday. “So I don’t think Yappy […]

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